In the years 2006-2008 A.D. there was a group of warriors who came from the land of Indiana. They wandered the earth for various masters working to bring them The Code. And it was good.

One day, a vision came to the warrior known as The Bald One. He knew the time had come when the warriors could work for their masters no more.

He went to the masters with the The Code and told them that this copy would be their last. The masters respectfully released the warriors, allowing them to return to their homeland.

And the vision was this:

The warriors would create a grand palace built upon The Code. The palace would be for people from all walks of life. And they would come to the palace to find The Form.

The Form would revolutionize the lives of the people. They would not be enslaved by the burdensome processes created by The Paper or the heavy tariffs imposed by The Enterprise. The Form would be easy for the people to use and would bring them power they had never felt before.

The warriors had found their mission. The people were happy.

And it was good.